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Kathak Dance

Vidya Warrier

Classical Kathak | Lineage of Pt. Arjun Mishra

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Kathak: Art of Storytelling

Kathak comes from the word “Kathakkar” which means - “one who tells stories.” Kathak originally is the art of storytelling. It was often used as a way of worship and expression in the Temples of North India. Today, the art form is enhanced with vibrant rhythmic footwork and subtle nuanced movements.

Traditionally, Indian art forms are designed to create meditativeness. The Sanskrit sounds used in the songs evoke stillness and peace. Indian dance is a beautiful combination of sacred sounds, movements, and the entire human system. Thus, it ties together various aspects of Indian culture.

Once one starts learning Kathak, there is an immediate shift  in mental, emotional, and physical health. Many students have shared of their general stamina increasing as well as a sense of body positivity and grace. It's an incredibly dynamic art form that anyone of any age can learn.

About Vidya

Vidya grew up in the suburbs of Michigan. She began training at the age of 5 under Kathak Guru Ashoka Rao, a direct disciple of the world renowned Guru Pt. Arjun Mishra of the Lucknow Gharana. 


When she turned 17, she made a bold move and shifted to India, alone. Here, she spent 11 years exploring yoga, meditation, and her cultural roots under spiritual Master, Sadhguru. Living immersed in both yoga and dance helped her connect to the spirituality of the land, and experience the union of art with devotion (Bhakti).

Vidya received her Bachelor’s Diploma in Kathak from Prayag Sangeet Samiti in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. She underwent brief training under Pandita Archana Joglekar, as well as Taal Vidya training by Pandit Divyang Vakil and Taalyogi Suresh Talkwalkar. She has acquired additional training through periodic workshops under Pt. Birju Maharaj and Guru Kumudhini Lakhia's Kadamb School. She is currently studying with Nikkita Banawalikar. 


Vidya has performed for large audiences across the U.S. and India.  She has conducted several workshops across the US.

Her background gives her the unique ability to help Indian-American students thrive in the uniqueness of their identity. 

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Japo jalpah shilpam sakalam api mudra-virachana
Gatih pradaksinya-kramanam asanady'ahuti-vidhih;
Pranamah samvesah sukham akilam atmarpana-drsa
Saparya-paryayas tava bhavatu yan me vilasitam.

Let my idle chatter be the muttering of prayer
My every manual movement the execution of ritual gesture
My walking a ceremonial circumambulation,

My eating and other acts the rite of sacrifice,

My lying down prostration in worship,
My every pleasure enjoyed with dedication of myself,

Let whatever activity is mine

be some form of worship of you.

― Adi Shankaracarya, Saundaryalahari 

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