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Namaskar. Hello.

Registrations are now open for Atlanta Kathak Classes


WhatsApp: 802.933.1112
Registrations on first-come, first-serve basis. ​
Beginner Adult Classes available.

akashi : आकाशी

The Sanskrit word “Akashi”  comes from Akash (Sky). The word Akashi represents Sky (Akash) as a place where we concentrate our gaze.

"The Akashi mudra practice in the yogic tradition entails focussing on nothing at all; it is simply an unwavering focus on empty space. The premise is that liberation does not depend on the object of your focus, but the focus itself." - Sadhguru

In Japanese, Akashi 朱 means "Vermillion" or "Crimson."

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Our logo is a kolam, or  South Indian geometric design made of rice flour. This is the form of a Naga (sacred snake).

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