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My name is Vidya Warrier. I am a: Kathak dancer and performer. Filmmaker. YouTuber. Social media strategist. Documentarian

Every element of my career today was a big part of my childhood! While I was born in India, I grew up in the USA. From the age of 4, I started dancing, creating and teaching little dance choreographies. The music was often traditional Bhajans or Shlokas (hymns) which told stories described in our culture.


So, through dance, music, and my father's nightly storytelling, I developed a fascination for Bharat. The vibrance, and profundity of Bharat gave my little heart a sense of depth and purpose. I can proudly say that it is this rooting in my culture that carried me across the various trials and tribulations of an Indian-American girl's life. 


My connection with Kathak comes from this rooting in my culture. It is a profound and nuanced art form which provides innumerable benefits. Perhaps, my life's journey has lent itself to a unique approach to Kathak. Kathak is not just about moving one's body parts. It is about moving the mind, emotion, heart, and the inner spirit into a deeper level of experience. 

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