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A New Beginning - An Intro to My world

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Hello! Namaskar 🙏

My name is Vidya Warrier. I am a Kathak artist (Indian Classical Dance) and filmmaker. Yoga and meditation is a big part of my life, and although I am a U.S. Citizen, I often feel more Indian than many Indians 😁

Let me explain.

A moment in Mumbai last month (May 2022)

Indian Culture

Growing up in a first-generation Indian household in the U.S. was a bit different than it is today. Our parents and Indian community was keen on weaving Indian cultural aspects into our everyday lives. From Balavihar classes, to dance classes, to festival celebrations... we lived in a mini-India. Interestingly, when I came back to visit India, I often felt more Indian than my Indian cousins....

Growing up in the West meant that we constantly were trying to balance our heritage with the Western world we were supposed to fit into.

For me, I don't think I have yet arrived at a balance. In fact, I have completely given up trying! Instead, I have decided to simply listen to my own instincts. And those instincts, time and again, take me back to a different world... to the shores of the East. To the indigenous wisdom of the land.

The future

In this blog, I hope to share many of my explorations of India, my cultural roots, and my explorations of indigenous cultures around the world. I run a YouTube Channel called "The Dancing Warrier" where I upload videos about my explorations.

But there is something about simple, easy-to-read text that even a video cannot replace....

And hence, this blog!

Please reach out to me via Instagram with your ideas, suggestions, or questions.

Catch you later!


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